17 Propositions

Originally published in:  The Ozawkie Book of the Dead: Alzheimer’s isn’t what you think it is! By Elmer E. Green. (2001). The Philosophical Research Society.  Available at: https://normshealy.com/product/the-ozawkie-book-of-the-dead-by-elmer-green-ph-d/

A proposition, rather than being a statement of known fact, is a proposed concept that is used as a starting point for further inquiry.  In the Seventeen Propositions below, Elmer Green lays out a step-wise progression of concepts for understanding the path of spiritual development of the psyche or soul.

The Propositions describe the nature of the psyche or soul, the relationship of the soul to the spirit, the experience of the soul in the after death state, and the repeated incarnation of the spirit.  The Propositions also posit the soul’s gradual process of development or refinement leading to full enlightenment, graduation from “Earth School,” or full union with spirit, which are three ways of describing the same process.

Proposition 1. Every human on the planet has two “souls,” an immortal SOUL and a mortal soul.

Proposition 2. The SOUL is an immortal spiritual entity who brings Light into the world from the Domain of Light, the Planetary Superconscious, focusing the “Light of the SOUL” into the Darkness of Matter through a High Self, the soul’s “guardian angel.”

Proposition 3. This SOUL is our True Self, though we may not be aware of its existence until the very moment of the body’s death.

Proposition 4. The mortal soul, often called the astral body, and which we usually think of as “ourselves,” is the conscious and subconscious amalgam of emotion and thought which makes decisions and conducts affairs in our daily life.

Proposition 5. The soul is a transient synthesis of two kinds of subtle matter, emotional substance and mental substance, and these substances are as real as physical substance, though less dense.

Proposition 6.  The personality is a transient synthesis of three kinds of matter, physical substance, emotional substance, and mental substance, body and soul.

Proposition 7.  From the moment of the creation of the soul and its physical body by the High-Self/SOUL, and until their death, the High-Self/SOUL remains associated with the soul and its physical body.

Proposition 8.  After the personality’s loss of its physical body, its still-surviving self, the soul, the astral body, finds itself in a domain called, in Tibet, the after-death bardo.

Proposition 9.  This bardo consists of many gradations (densities) of emotional and mental substance into which the soul “rises” like a balloon until it reaches that level in the Earth’s emotional-mental atmosphere which corresponds with the density or subtlety of its feelings and thoughts, conscious, subconscious, and superconscious, during its just-completed life on earth.

Proposition 10. In a more rarefied level of substance “above” the bardo, in a superconscious place and state called Heaven, the immortal SOUL has its abode.

Proposition 11.  At the time of physical death, the soul, in a rare circumstance, consciously sees the SOUL as a Luminous Being, or as a White Light, from which the Love of the Christed Self streams forth in blessing, benediction, and welcome.

Proposition 12. If the soul approaches and blends with the Light of the SOUL in full consciousness, that event signifies transfiguration, Unity with the Divine.

Proposition 13.  If the soul becomes engrossed, however, in bardo dreamscapes instead of blending with the Light of the SOUL, its “upward” progress stops, and it remains in the bardo until it yearns for the Light, at which time the SOUL absorbs from it its mental and emotional refinements, the moral developments of its past life, whatever is fit for Heaven.

Proposition 14.  This process of absorption of mental and emotional refinements by the SOUL is followed by a second death, the death of the mortal soul, in which the SOUL’s last remaining connection with the previous personality is severed.

Proposition 15.  The SOUL then empowers its High Self to assemble (create, inspire, cause to be born) a new personality in which the tendencies and traits of the previous personality are leavened by whatever High-Self/SOUL attributes and skills that previous personality developed.

Proposition 16.  This development of High-Self/SOUL attributes and skills in successive personalities and souls through repeated cycles in Earth and in the bardo, is the SOUL’s training program in Earth School.

Proposition 17.  Graduation from Earth School comes when the SOUL’s final soul — fully-conscious, transfigured by the Light and fit for Heaven — merges with its Creator, the SOUL, and thus, with The Father.